Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Soap Box Time

You find me annoyed.

I pay £190 road tax which is supposed to do towards our roads. Others pay more some pay less. Our roads are in a sorry state. Pot holes galore due to the snow. The councils are doing nothing to resolve this. Combine this with the price of fuel £1.18 a litre thank you very much and it's a sad state of affairs. What is the government doing? Well, I imagine Alaistair and Gordon are sat in their smoking jackets laughing, " Raise it by a penny, Darling" sipping their brandy. The General Election is looming and what to do? You have Dave. Dave is your mate, he's down, he's hip, he knows what is happening. Then you have Gordon. A man who at some point had a personality but has lost it over the years. Ruined our economy and can't speak in public without people dozing off. Do you vote for Dave simply because he is the lesser or two evils? Or pick Gordon....Hmmmm.....I know who I will vote for.

Easter is upon us. Great Britain is awash with snow, rain and high winds. Fabulous. We have a busy weekend with football, family gatherings and chocolate of course. Tesco is busy because SHOCK, it is closed on Sunday. People are going mad, buying milk and bread. Now, it's open Fri, Sat and Monday. Honestly.

I have a funeral tomorrow. A client of 20 years passed away. Lovely lady.

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