Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I bring the news that Eddie got into The Boys Grammar School. Its by far the best school in the area and we have high hopes. He has done so well and achieved so much, we couldn't be prouder. Ed wants to be a Doctor so its a perfect place to start. Of course other Mum's are being horrible but whatever, if their child works hard then they will achieve too. My nephew is doing spectacularly well at his school and we know we are going to see fab things from him! My niece starts the same school so come on my family!!!!!! Clever children. :)

I have been rushing around today and now as consequence have a headache that no painkiller can well, kill. I am waiting for the shopping to be delivered because like Mother Hubbard my cupboards are quite bare. Not a morsal survives. I am poised to answer the door as I type. At least the cats are fed. (we don't ever run out of their food no siree) In fact Miss Hoops is watching me type. She's waving...well, not really but I know she would if she could.

oh! doorbell!!!!!! Fooood

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