Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I Had A |Dream

Well, a weird one anyway.

It starts with a haunted house. I have just gone and got a chinese takeaway and run (yes) 4 miles to get it home. I then turn up at this random house which is boarded up. I break in to eat the said food, and decide to sleep in this house (?). I am snuggling down in a bed when 4 aliens pop their heads around the door. I chat away very nicely with them until there is a commotion outside. Doctor Who then comes in, not the new Doctor, the old one...Hmmm...never liked David Tennant...Anyway, I shoot downstairs because I am worried that one of the aliens are snuffling my sweet and sour (ha)and the house starts talking...Now, I think this stems from seeing the Amityville House was being sold but don't quote me,. All of a sudden, my cats show up! I spend ages making sure I have everything including my food and head home....WEIRD! Oh and Miss Hoops ended up with a little Cyberman helmet on with cyber meow.....Hmmm.......

I woke up and was ridiculiously grateful when Miss Hoops gave me a cuddle without trying to upgrade or delete me.

Moral of this story.....Don't eat soft cheese even if it is low fat before bedtime!!!

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